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Conducting a UX Heuristic Analysis in Open Source Projects
03-06, 12:10–13:10 (Europe/Berlin), Workshop Room

Conduct a UX Heuristics Analysis for your own open source project. We will walk you through the standard set of applied heuristics, and give you guidance on how to prioritize them. You will walk away with actionable insights how to make your project more usable, accesible and enjoyable for your user

Step-by-Step Guidelines for Conducting a Heuristic Analysis:
* A comprehensive breakdown of the heuristic evaluation process.
* Hands-on tips for conducting a heuristic analysis, from defining goals to creating actionable recommendations.

Practical Insights and Best Practices
* Practical advice for incorporating heuristic analyses into your workflow.
* How to balance UX improvements with open source project constraints and objectives.
* Tools and resources available for performing heuristic evaluations efficiently.

Marit is works as UX Lead with Ura Design. With 12 years of exprience in digital product, and organisational discovery, design and development, she identifies with being a facilitator, designer, product lead and thought leader. Her topics are responsible tech, collaborative process design and ethical UX design.

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In his role as a UX designer at Ura Design, Christopher integrates his background in the performing arts to offer a distinctive and human-centric approach to design. Specializing in comprehending user motivations and nurturing authentic connections, he actively engages in open source projects, enhancing platforms for broader accessibility.

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