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The Power of UX Heuristics in Open Source Projects
03-06, 11:25–11:45 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

Discover the potential of UX Heuristics and their impact on open source projects. We’ll show you how these principles can improve usability, driving increased adoption of open source solutions. We’ll even walk you through practical analysis techniques to level up your next project.

Introduction to UX Heuristics:

  • Defining UX heuristics and the important role they can play in open source development.
  • Explanation of what heuristics encompass, including principles like visibility, feedback, and user control.
  • How UX heuristics act as practical guidelines for evaluating user interfaces.

Why UX Heuristics Are Vital in Open Source Development:

  • The role of UX heuristics in fostering open source project success by enhancing user adoption, satisfaction, and collaboration.
  • How heuristics provide a framework to align a software’s functionality with user expectations.
  • Examine the value of utilizing UX heuristics in open source design, as they align with the principles underpinning both accessibility and open source initiatives.
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Marit is works as UX Lead with Ura Design. With 12 years of exprience in digital product, and organisational discovery, design and development, she identifies with being a facilitator, designer, product lead and thought leader. Her topics are responsible tech, collaborative process design and ethical UX design.

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In his role as a UX designer at Ura Design, Christopher integrates his background in the performing arts to offer a distinctive and human-centric approach to design. Specializing in comprehending user motivations and nurturing authentic connections, he actively engages in open source projects, enhancing platforms for broader accessibility.

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