On the Shoulders of Giants: Security in FOSS
03-14, 15:45–16:25 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 1

In a world where we stand on the shoulders of giants, where we build systems that are increasingly interconnected, supply chain security is becoming more and more important. As Free and Open Source projects, we believe that we can lead the way for the industry in terms of processes, best practices and technology patterns.

In this open panel, we want to discuss the importance of security in Free and Open Source Software projects. We want to encourage participants of FOSS Backstage to share their questions and insights about topics like supply chain security, security processes, vulnerability disclosure, bug bounties and more.

Thomas works as a Cloud Security Architect and in critical infrastructure, for the transmission grid industry and in several German government projects.

He has been promoting Free and Open Source Software for more than 30 years. In this role he has been lobbying for FOSS in the German parliament (Bundestag) and several German ministeries.

He has published his trainings materials and everything you need for cloudnative air gapped environments at https://github.com/thomasfricke

He lives in Berlin and is an active cyclist.

Isabel Drost-Fromm is Open Source Strategist at Europace AG Germany. She`s a member of the Apache Software Foundation. Isabel is co-founding director of the InnerSource Commons Foundation. She is interested in all things FOSS, in particular search and text mining with a decent machine learning background.

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Gregor “Little Detritus” Bransky likes to build platforms and infrastructures. Preferably decentralized and including physical components.

He has been active in Open Source Projects since 2017. He started as part of the Freifunk community, working on Wifi4EU to ease the access to Wi-Fi in public spaces [a].

Since 2020 he joined Germanys civic-tech scene through the #wirvsvirus hackathon. As an early member of the “InÖG - Innovationsverbund Öffentliche Gesundheit e.V.” [b] he is currently serving as the board member for press and policy.

In this capacity he is responsible for the project, “B3 - Buntes Bug Bounty”, a cooperation with the BSI - Germanys cybersecurity agency – in the framework of BSIs annual Cybersicherheitsdialog. For more information, please visit the project websites of both partners [c][d].

He earns his money working as a freelance interim manager for research consortia in the field of digital platforms and infrastructures.

[a] https://freifunk-aachen.de/2018/12/28/freifunker-refreshing-memories-beim-35c3/
[b] https://www.inoeg.de/
[c] https://www.inoeg.de/b3/
[d] https://www.dialog-cybersicherheit.de/workstreams/

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