Abdulrahman Alswaji

Abdulrahman Alswaji is a bioinformatician at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center. He is an advocate for Open Science and its role in improving scientific and economic outputs in the Middle East. He joined the Open Science Community Saudi Arabia (OSCSA) in 2021 and co-founded the Saudi Society for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (SSBCB).

  • Lessons Learned for increasing the accessibility for RTL
Ahmed Sobeh

Ahmed Sobeh is an Open Source Engineering Manager at Aiven's Open Source Program Office. An Egyptian, with different experiences in open source ranging from working on Firefox at Mozilla to working with Rust at SAP, his interest and experience in open source have grown over the past few years.

  • The F in FOSS: Affording Open Source in Developing Countries
Ana Jimenez Santamaria

Ana works as the TODO Group OSPO Program Manager at The Linux Foundation. Based in Europe, Ana advocates for Open Source Program Office adoption and education across organizations worldwide. Formerly at Bitergia, a Software Development Analytics firm.

She also owns an MS in Data Science (URJC University in Madrid, Spain), whose final thesis focused on measuring DevRel’s success within Open Source development communities.

Open Source DevRel & Advocate, Data Scientist, and Software Marketer; Ana usually presents herself as a "hybrid with cross-domain superhero powers" 🦸‍♀️

  • OSPOs: Key Lever for Open Source Sustainability
Anne Lee Steele

Anne is the Community Manager for The Turing Way project at The Alan Turing Institute, where she facilitates a collaborative resource for reproducible data science, and supports an open source community in developing practices for researchers and practitioners around the world.

She has worked on a variety of projects in the open ecosystem, including at the Internet Society, Wikimedia Deutschland, and Open Knowledge Foundation, and is passionate about the capacity for open source practices to make research more accessible, collaborative, and inclusive. Previously, she worked in the data journalism and education fields.

  • Understanding Maintenance as a Turing Way
Ariane Segelitz-Karsten

After achieving her Master’s degree in Business Administration, Ariane joined Cloud&Heat Technologies in July 2021. As a Business Development Manager, she has been part of several projects: one hightlight has been taking on the role as Community Manager for Yaook (Lifecycle Management Tool for OpenStack and SecuStack). Furthermore, she is supporting ALASCA – a newly founded association for open, operational cloud infrastructures to foster digital sovereignty in Germany and Europe. Ariane is also supporting the OSS Community of Gaia-X. Finally, she is part of the initiative Community Square, a new community for Open Source Community Managers for sharing best practices and more.

  • Community² - A community of Open Source Community Managers
Axel Thévenet

Axel Thévenet is a Policy analyst at OpenForum Europe. He works as part of the Open Source Observatory platform (OSOR) team and produces content related to the use of Open Source in public administration. He has studied law and European policies and has worked in the European Parliament prior to his current position.

  • The Role of Open Source for an Interoperable Europe
Batool Almarzouq

Bio: Batool Almarzouq is an honorary research fellow at the University of Liverpool and a computational biologist at King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC). She advocates for inclusive and collaborative community spaces to enable purposeful human-centred adoption of open research practices, tools and culture. She founded the Open Science community Saudi Arabia (OSCSA), which introduces and contextualise Open Science practices in Arabic-speaking countries. She is also a Content Subject Matter Expert (SME) in NASA's Transform to Open Science (TOPS). Batool is a committee in the R-Ladies Global Team, which is a worldwide organisation that promotes gender diversity in the R community. She is also a core contributor to The Turing Way (UK), an open-source, community-driven guide to reproducible, ethical and collaborative data science.

  • Lessons Learned for increasing the accessibility for RTL
Clare Dillon

Clare Dillon is the Executive Director of InnerSource Commons, the world's largest community of InnerSource practitioners. Clare also works with the OSPO++ Network to support the establishment of University and Government Open Source Program Offices globally, that can collaborate to implement public policy and trustworthy public services. In 2021, Clare co-founded Open Ireland Network, a community for those interested in advancing open source at a national level in Ireland. Previously, Clare was a member of the Microsoft Ireland Leadership Team, heading up their Developer Evangelism and Experience Group. Clare is a certified coach and also frequently speaks at international conferences and corporate events on topics relating to the open collaboration, future of work, innovation trends and digital ethics.

  • Open Collaboration and our Lizard Brains
Claude Warren, Jr

Claude Warren is a Senior Software Engineer with over 30 years experience. He is currently employed by Aiven in Galway, Ireland where he works on innovative solutions to technical problems. He is also a Committer and Project Management Committee member on the Apache Jena project and has several small open source projects on Github. He has presented papers at several conferences and has several papers published both in the popular IT press and in refereed journals.

He is a founding member of the Denver Mad Scientists Club and winner of the original Critter Crunch competition.

  • The Cathedral, the Bazaar, and the Coffee House
Crystal Dionysopoulos

Crystal has been building websites for a long, long time. She's a CSS aficionado, UX strategist, and accessibility advocate for her nonprofit clients (and anyone else willing to listen). Crystal got involved in open source in 2015, when she was awarded a scholarship to travel to Prague for the J! and Beyond conference, one of two Joomla conferences that happen annually. Since then, her involvement in open source has transformed her life both personally and professionally.

Crystal currently serves as the Joomla Experience Team lead, which helps guide the UX and strategy for the CMS project and community at large. She lives in Athens, Greece with her husband, daughter, and two troublemaking cats.

  • Open Source Dystopia
Danny Garside

Danny is a computational neuroscientist and meta-scientist, splitting his time between modelling colour vision and contributing to open-source projects that aim to make academia more accessible, more efficient, and happier.

  • Understanding Maintenance as a Turing Way
Dawn Foster

Dawn is Director of Open Source Community Strategy at VMware. She is a co-chair of CNCF TAG Contributor Strategy, Board member / maintainer for CHAOSS, Steering Committee member for the TODO Group, and OpenUK board member. She has 20+ years of experience with expertise in community building, strategy, open source software, governance, metrics, and more. She has spoken at over 100 industry events. In her spare time she enjoys reading science fiction, running, and traveling.

  • Contributor Growth Strategies for OSS Projects
Di Luong

Di has been connecting the dots between social justice and technology-centric solutions at the Open Technology Fund since 2018. Prior to this role, Di has designed and conducted ethnographic research and evaluations using participatory methods for USAID, UNICEF, and the World Bank to strengthen the digital infrastructure of rural communities.

  • Funding FOSS
Django Skorupa

Django Skorupa is a designer working to create more welcoming environments for designers and non-traditional contributors in the open source community as a whole. You can find him on the Sustain Open Source Design podcast as a recurring panelist, or on twitter, which he's trying to use more often.

  • Making Design More Open: A Design Workshop for Non-Designers
Dotan Horovits

Horovits lives at the intersection of technology, product and innovation. With over 20 years in the hi-tech industry as a software developer, a solutions architect and a product manager, he brings a wealth of knowledge in cloud computing, big data solutions, DevOps practices and more.
Horovits is an avid advocate of open source software, open standards and communities. Horovits is an advocate of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), an organizer of the CNCF Tel-Aviv meetup group, a podcaster at OpenObservability Talks, and a blogger, among others.
Currently working as the principal developer advocate at Logz.io, Horovits evangelizes on Observability in IT systems using popular open source projects such as Prometheus, OpenSearch, Jaeger and OpenTelemetry.

  • OpenDevRel: Tales of Developer Relations in Open Source
Dr. Wolfgang Gehring

Inspired by the Inner Source movement more than five years ago, Dr. Wolfgang Gehring turned into an ambassador for Inner and Open Source and has been working on enabling and spreading the idea within Mercedes-Benz and its IT-subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation. A software engineer by trade, Wolfgang’s goal is to enable Mercedes-Benz to fully embrace FOSS and become a true Open Source company. He leads MBTI’s FOSS Competence Group, is a member of the Mercedes-Benz FOSS Center of Competence, and a Director of the Eclipse Foundation.

In his free time, Wolfgang likes to engage in conversations about soccer and is a passionate traveler and scuba diver. He calls Albert Einstein’s birth city of Ulm his home in Southern Germany.

  • A Vision of FOSS @Mercedes-Benz
Eriol Fox
  • Making Design More Open: A Design Workshop for Non-Designers
Floor Drees

My name is Floor, I’m based in the Netherlands. I'm a Staff Developer Advocate at Aiven, we manage your favorite open source data tools without exploiting the projects and their maintainers. Previously I worked in DevRel at Grafana Labs and Microsoft. I'm a Devopsdays Core member, and organize the Devopsdays Amsterdam and Eindhoven chapters.

I'm a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and I organize a bunch of meetups, including-but-not-limited-to contributing.today, DevRel Salon Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam Ruby Meetup. Oh, I am an art school graduate, who stumbled into tech face-first.

  • Build license management into your pipelines
George DeMet

George DeMet is the founder and CEO of Palantir.net, a full-service digital consultancy that uses open source technologies to help others discover, create, and share knowledge. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction for the company and helping support its values and vision.

George has also supported the Drupal project and community in numerous volunteer roles, including serving as on the Drupal Community Working Group and co-chairing DrupalCon Chicago 2011.

  • How We Updated Drupal's Code of Conduct
Gregor "Little Detritus" Bransky

Gregor “Little Detritus” Bransky likes to build platforms and infrastructures. Preferably decentralized and including physical components.

He has been active in Open Source Projects since 2017. He started as part of the Freifunk community, working on Wifi4EU to ease the access to Wi-Fi in public spaces [a].

Since 2020 he joined Germanys civic-tech scene through the #wirvsvirus hackathon. As an early member of the “InÖG - Innovationsverbund Öffentliche Gesundheit e.V.” [b] he is currently serving as the board member for press and policy.

In this capacity he is responsible for the project, “B3 - Buntes Bug Bounty”, a cooperation with the BSI - Germanys cybersecurity agency – in the framework of BSIs annual Cybersicherheitsdialog. For more information, please visit the project websites of both partners [c][d].

He earns his money working as a freelance interim manager for research consortia in the field of digital platforms and infrastructures.

[a] https://freifunk-aachen.de/2018/12/28/freifunker-refreshing-memories-beim-35c3/
[b] https://www.inoeg.de/
[c] https://www.inoeg.de/b3/
[d] https://www.dialog-cybersicherheit.de/workstreams/

  • On the Shoulders of Giants: Security in FOSS
  • A security.txt for gits?
Hila Fish

Hila Fish is a Senior DevOps Engineer at Wix, with 15 years of experience in the tech industry.
AWS Community Builder, and a public speaker who believes the DevOps culture is what drives a company to perform at its best and talks about that and other DevOps/Infrastructure topics at conferences.
She carries the vision to enhance and drive business success by taking care of its infrastructure.

In her spare time, Hila is a lead singer of a cover band, giving back to the community by co-organizing DevOps-related conferences (Inc. "DevOpsDays TLV" & "StatsCraft" monitoring-focused event), providing mentorship and managing programs in “Baot” (An Israeli tech women’s community), and enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge wherever she can, including across diverse technology communities, initiatives and social media.

  • Open-Source: Open Choice - A DevOps Guide for OSS Adoption
Ingo Hinterding

Ingo is the Product Lead at CityLAB Berlin. He studied Visual Communication with a focus on Interface Design at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen and has many years of experience in product management, design and software development both as a freelancer and as a founder of various startups. His focus is on the agile development of pragmatic software solutions for complex problems.

  • git init Berlin
Isabel Drost-Fromm

Isabel Drost-Fromm is Open Source Strategist at Europace AG Germany. She`s a member of the Apache Software Foundation. Isabel is co-founding director of the InnerSource Commons Foundation. She is interested in all things FOSS, in particular search and text mining with a decent machine learning background.

  • On the Shoulders of Giants: Security in FOSS
  • Five years of FOSS Backstage
Italo Vignoli

Italo Vignoli is a founding member of The Document Foundation and the LibreOffice project, the Chairman Emeritus of Associazione LibreItalia, an Ambassador of Software Heritage, and a proud member of Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). He is a past board member of Open Source Initiative (OSI).
Italo co-leads LibreOffice marketing, PR and media relations, co-chairs the LibreOffice Certification Program, and is a spokesman for the project. He also handles advocacy and marketing activities for the Open Document Format ISO standard.
He has contributed to several large migration projects to LibreOffice, and is a LibreOffice certified migrator and trainer since 2014. From 2004 to 2010 he has been involved in the OOo project.

  • LibreOffice: Improving a Large FOSS Project Sustainability
Jan Klippel

Interested in Linux and Free Open Source Software for more than 20 years, Jan is currently working on projects in the open cloud community.
Recently he joined forces with people to learn and share practices about community management in the Community Square initiative.

  • Community² - A community of Open Source Community Managers
Javier Perez

Passionate about technology and open-source software, Javier is Chief Open Source Evangelist and Sr. Director of Product Management at Perforce Software. He is responsible for technical thought leadership and advocacy for open-source software while driving the OpenLogic by Perforce offering. Prior to Perforce, Javier led the open-source program strategy for the IBM Z & LinuxONE platforms at IBM. Javier has been in the application development, open-source, cloud, app security, AI, SaaS, and mobile industries for 25+ years. From leading product strategy in the open-source security space at Veracode to product management for Axway's successful Appcelerator open-source offering, and at Red Hat via startup acquisition as Director of Product Management driving the OpenShift-based Mobile Application Platform. Speaker and blogger, Javier has had the opportunity to speak at industry events all over the world. Javier holds an honors degree in Computer Systems and an MBA.

  • The State of Open Source Software in 2023
Jim Hall

Jim Hall is an open source software advocate and developer, best known for usability testing in GNOME and as the founder + project coordinator of FreeDOS. At work, Jim is CEO of Hallmentum, an IT executive consulting company that provides hands-on IT Leadership training, workshops, and coaching.

  • Writing open source documentation
Jim Jagielski

Jim Jagielski is a well-known and acknowledged expert and visionary in open source, an accomplished coder, and frequent engaging presenter on all things open source, web, and cloud related. As a developer, he’s made substantial code contributions to just about every core technology behind the internet and web and in 2012 was awarded the O’Reilly Open Source Award. In 2015, he received the Innovation Luminary Award from the EU and in 2019 was picked by InterCon as one of their Top 50 Tech Leaders. He’s likely best known as one of the developers and cofounders of the Apache Software Foundation, where he has previously served as both chairman and president and where he’d been on the board of directors for its first 20 years. He’s served as president of the Outercurve Foundation and was also a director of the Open Source Initiative (OSI). He’s Salesforce’s Open Source Program Office lead, and he credits his wife Eileen with keeping him sensible.

  • Intellectual Property Primer
Josep Prat

Josep Prat is a Open Source Software Director at Aiven and is passionate about Open Source Technologies. With a strong background in Scala and distributed systems, he contributes to several Open Source Projects around streaming technologies. In his spare time, Josep enjoys late and long brunches on Sundays.

  • Sustainability beyond funds: Extrospective OSPOs
Laura Dornheim

Dr. Laura Dornheim is IT officer and CDO of the City of Munich. Previously, she worked for several years as a manager in the digital industry and as an honorary politician. Laura Dornheim studied business informatics at the University of Hamburg and did her PhD on women in leadership positions at the University of Lüneburg. Her central concern is to make digitalisation sustainable and inclusive.

  • Cooperation and Inclusion through Open Source
Malcolm Bain

Malcolm has been practicing open source law for more than 20 years, authored chapters in books about open source and the law, and has advised private and public entities on open source law, policy and management. Currently advising several research entities on open source management, compliance, and dissemination.

  • Open Source and Open Science - a happy partnership?
Marie Gutbub

Marie is an open source and privacy advocate, campaigner, event organizer and information security trainer. She studied cultural journalism and researched new models for online journalism platforms. Since then, she has worked as a freelance journalist, campaigner, communications officer, infosec trainer and event organizer for various projects in journalism, privacy and open source.

  • Funding FOSS
Masae Shida

Masae is a Senior Program Manager in the Open Source Strategy team within VMware's OSPO, where she leads the company’s product strategies and community contributions alignment, to improve the business and entire ecosystem's sustainability. She has presented at LF Open Source Summit, OSPOCon, FOSSBackstage and many other internal conferences. Previously, she led numerous programs including large scale IT transformation as part of a M&A program at Cisco (github dev environment, data center and compliance track), and product and platform development on Linux/Android/iOS at multiple blue chip companies. Masae began her career as a Windows Software Developer in Japan and in the US at NEC/Microsoft. She lives in the UK with her English husband and 16yr son.

  • Diversity in Open Source, an Asian Perspective
Miguel Angel Fernandez

I am an analytics specialist and consultant at Bitergia. I participate in GrimoireLab, a free, open-source platform providing metrics about the software development process. Previously, I worked in the LibreSoft research department of Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain).

  • The rockstar of my community is a bot: Where are the humans?
Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan is a software engineer and open source community strategy consultant currently helping run Open@RIT as the Associate Director. He also acts as the director of the Federation of Humanitarian Technologists.

With work experience stemming from tech companies such as Amazon and GIPHY to large humanitarian organizations such as the International Rescue Committee and UNICEF, he seeks to develop better ways to create technology that benefits humanity.

  • Designing Open Source - Building Communities
Miriam Seyffarth

Miriam Seyffarth has been using Open Source Software wherever possible since 2005. She is a member of the Free Software Foundation Europe and was active in the Pirate Party Germany from 2010 to 2014. From 2016 to 2021 she worked as a political advisor and Head of Staff for Member of Parliament Tabea Rößner and attended to various political issues around digitization. Since 2022 she has been Head of Political Communications at the Open Source Business Alliance.

  • Why isn't the German administration procuring more FOSS?
Nathan Schneider

Nathan Schneider is an assistant professor of media studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he leads the Media Enterprise Design Lab. His most recent book is Everything for Everyone: The Radical Tradition that Is Shaping the Next Economy.

  • Designing Your Governance with CommunityRule
ngọc triệu

ngọc practices design as an intervention to address and reform asymmetrical power relations. As a design researcher at Superbloom (previously known as Simply Secure), ngọc works closely with designers, developers, and funders to ensure accessibility and security for vulnerable communities.

  • Making Design More Open: A Design Workshop for Non-Designers
Nick Vidal

Nick Vidal is Community Manager of ClearlyDefined (hosted by the Open Source Initiative) and Outreach Chair at the Confidential Computing Consortium (hosted by the Linux Foundation). Previously, he was the Director of Community and Business Development at the Open Source Initiative and Director of Americas at the Open Invention Network.

  • Securing OSS across the whole supply chain and beyond
Oleg Nenashev

Oleg is an open source software and open hardware advocate. He is a TOC chair and community ambassador in the Continuous Delivery Foundation. Oleg is a core maintainer and board member in Jenkins where he grows the community, and organizes events and Google Summer of Code. He also contributes to Keptn, OpenFeature and CDEvents. Oleg has a PhD degree in hardware design and volunteers in the Free and Open Source Silicon Foundation.

  • Open roadmaps for your open communities
Omotola Eunice Omotayo

Omotola is a community and developer relations manager passionate about open source, open payment, advocacy, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

She is a tech enthusiast and advocates empowering women and marginalized populations.

  • Contributor engagement and monetization opportunities
Paloma Oliveira

Developer Advocate for open source communities at Sauce Labs, Paloma Oliveira promotes FOSS and open source since 2009. She is a strong activist for diversity and equity in technology spaces co-organizing PyLadies Berlin https://berlin.pyladies.com/ and mentoring at FrauenLoop https://www.frauenloop.org/ and is the co-founder of the Zentrum für Netzkunst (Berlin’s netart institute) https://netzkunst.berlin/.

  • The code of conduct has been broken. Now what?
Per Ploug

Per Ploug is the Open Source Tech Lead at Spotify, responsible for ensuring a coherent open source strategy and that Spotify has the right processes, tools and priorities in place to enable open source usage, contribution and publishing.
Previously worked in an open source and product security leadership role at Zalando and as a founding member of the open source software company Umbraco leading engineering, product and open source strategy for more than 10 years

  • Open source work is work
Plain Schwarz Team
  • Closing Session
Radoslava Zheleva

Radoslava Zheleva (“Radi” to friends and family) is an Open Source Compliance Program Manager in VMware’s Open Source Program Office, where she oversees license compliance and mitigates potential legal risks around licensing. She holds a master’s in law and in international business. Before joining VMware in 2018, she worked as a project manager at Micro Focus and as an Account Business Manager at DXC Technology and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. In her personal time, she loves spending time with her husband and baby girl. And for fun and mental health, she loves kickboxing.

  • Dependency Management: Risk vs. Crisis Management
Ramy Raoof

Ramy Raoof is a technologist, privacy and digital security researcher, who works on the intersection of technology and social causes such as privacy, security and access to information, by devoting his skills as a techie and passion for free/open culture. His recent works focus on researching targeted digital attacks against human rights defenders and NGOs and developing digital security protocols and capacity building with activists in the Middle East and Central America around targeted surveillance and mass censorship. Over the past 10 years he developed digital security strategies for NGOs and members of the media, as well as rapid response plans in cases of physical threats and operational plans for human rights emergency response teams in Egypt, the Middle East and the Northern Africa Region. Ramy also developed strategies in support of publishing sensitive material and secure systems for managing information about sexual violence and torture survivors. He also contributed to the testing of privacy apps, the localization of few privacy apps into Arabic and the development of organizational privacy protocols.

In October 2017, Ramy received the international award Heroes of Human Rights and Communications Surveillance, "for exhaustive efforts to reveal invasive and harmful surveillance tactics that are being used to harm users at risk.", by Access Now. In May 2016 he received the international Bobs Award - Best of Online Activism in recognition for his work in digital security and privacy. In January 2016, he was named in the World Top 100 Info Security Influencers list by CISO Platform in India. In 2012, he was ranked number 10 by the Newsweek Magazine in the Revolutionaries list of the Digital Power Index, after being ranked number 14 by Forbes Middle East in Top 100 Arab Presence on Twitter a year earlier.

Prior to joining OTF, Ramy worked as Tactical Technologist at Amnesty International’s Security Lab, and was Research Fellow with Citizen Lab. He also served on Tor Project's Board of Directors from 2017 to 2022.

Email: ramy@opentech.fund
Twitter: https://twitter.com/RamyRaoof

  • Funding FOSS
Richard Littauer
  • Live Podcasts Day 2
  • Live Podcasts Day 1
Ruth Ikegah

Ruth Ikegah is an Open-source Advocate, Technical Writer, GitHub Star, and Public Speaker. She is sparked about onboarding beginners into the tech system, especially the open-source space. She currently serves as the Community Lead for CHAOSS Africa. Asides from being actively involved in tech, she is a social volunteer and a voluntary blood donor. Ruth loves making new friends over a slice of cake.

  • Best Practices for an Effective Open Source Contribution
Scott Jenson

Scott Jenson has been doing user interface design and strategic planning for over 30 years. He worked at Apple on System 7, Newton, and the Apple Human Interface guidelines. He was UX director of Symbian, managed mobile UX for Google and was a creative director at frog design in San Francisco. Scott returned to Google in 2013 to lead the Physical Web project and research future Android UX concepts. Scott is semi-retired and always looking for ways to be involved with the FOSS community.

  • Plan like Einstein
Sigrid Gramlinger

Sigrid has her own web agency grown to a team of four people over the last 15 years. Together they are passionately building websites with Joomla. Their focus is on websites with advanced requirements like multilanguage, intranets, online-shops, or accessible websites,... Sigrid is an active member in the Joomla community since 2012 and co-organising JoomlaDays in the D-A-CH area and the Joomla User Group in Vienna.

Since 2020 Sigrid is Joomla CMS Release Team lead and supporting the release managers i.e. with a team of testers and a process support for releasing. She lives just outside of Vienna (Austria) with her family including two teenagers and - like her co-speaker Crystal - with two troublemaking cats.

  • Open Source Dystopia
  • Funding FOSS
Stefan Rudnitzki

Stefan Rudnitzki works as Head of Technology at idealo internet GmbH. He has over 10 years experience working as software developer, project lead and team lead in different working environments. From waterfall to agile working methods up to holacracy he experienced the different challenges and benefits in the area of free and open source software. Additionally he is an organizer of the MongoDB user group and Async Cat Herding meetup in Berlin. Furthermore he is the co-founder of the FOSS Backstage conference.

  • Five years of FOSS Backstage
Surya Santhi

Surya is a Marketing and Program Management professional who has supported marketing of ORT over the years. She has worked in India, Finland and Germany for companies like IBM, Nokia, HelloFresh and HERE Technologies. She is always happy to talk about Open Source program management and how to market Open Source projects.

  • ORT: Automate compliance using Open Source & InnerSource
Tara Tarakiyee

Tara is a technologist working on designing support models and mobilizing resources to encourage, sustain and maintain the FOSS ecosystem infrastructure with the Sovereign Tech Fund.

They have helped manage and incubate core infrastructure FOSS projects providing access to and security on online, led advocacy campaigns against online censorship and spreading a culture of online safety, and worked on research mapping internet infrastructure, legislation, control and policy.

Previously, they have worked with the Center for Cultivation of Technology, Open Technology Fund, Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA), and the Association for Progressive Communications (APC)

  • Funding FOSS
Thomas Fricke

Thomas works as a Cloud Security Architect and in critical infrastructure, for the transmission grid industry and in several German government projects.

He has been promoting Free and Open Source Software for more than 30 years. In this role he has been lobbying for FOSS in the German parliament (Bundestag) and several German ministeries.

He has published his trainings materials and everything you need for cloudnative air gapped environments at https://github.com/thomasfricke

He lives in Berlin and is an active cyclist.

  • On the Shoulders of Giants: Security in FOSS
Thomas Steenbergen

Thomas Steenbergen is the Head of Open Source Program Office at EPAM Systems (www.epam.com).
He is steering committee member and one of the co-founders/organizers of the European Chapter of the TODO group and co-founder of the OpenChain Automation Work Group - both industry working groups where companies collaborate to address shared open source challenges. He is also an active contributor to the SPDX ISO specification for over 5 years, helping to better match what developers find in code and incorporate security (leading the Defects WG). As a core contributor to the OSS Review Toolkit, he enables highly automated open source policy checks in CI/CD by providing easy, open-source & scalable tooling and to share results in open standard (SBoM) formats. He is a frequent speaker and panelist at various global open source conferences and is always happy to start a conversation around anything open source. Thomas has held a variety of technical lead roles over the past 15 years across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany.

  • ORT: Automate compliance using Open Source & InnerSource
Velichka Atanasova

Velichka is a Senior Open Source Engineering Manager in VMware’s Open Source Program Office where she thrives exploring the innovation capabilities and collaborative power of open source.
Before joining VMware in 2019, she spent more than a decade working for a large international financial institution, rising from a junior .NET engineer to the head of the software development department in Sofia, Bulgaria. Over the years, she has engaged in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and gained considerable knowledge and experience in Project and People Management.
Velichka lives in Sofia with her partner and is raising two smart and self-confident young ladies.

  • Dependency Management: Risk vs. Crisis Management
Victoria Boeck

Victoria Boeck is a project manager for government innovation and data at the CityLAB Berlin, a project from the Technologiestiftung Berlin. She holds a Masters in Public Policy from the Hertie School in Berlin.

  • git init Berlin