Open Source Dystopia
03-14, 10:00–10:30 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 2

Open source projects often like to see themselves as welcoming communities. Software written “by the people, for the people” is inclusive by default…or is it?

As our project has discovered, if your community is not actively inclusive, it is passively exclusive. In this talk, we will share some of the many challenges that we plan to address in order to be truly diverse, inclusive, and accessible for our global community. There are places where we’ve succeeded in our efforts—and places where we have failed and need to do better.

Topics will range from systemic barriers to contribution, to inclusive user research practices, to encouraging a safe environment for people to participate in the community, and more.

Join us as we explore together how we can do better for FOSS and the communities that depend on us.

Crystal has been building websites for a long, long time. She's a CSS aficionado, UX strategist, and accessibility advocate for her nonprofit clients (and anyone else willing to listen). Crystal got involved in open source in 2015, when she was awarded a scholarship to travel to Prague for the J! and Beyond conference, one of two Joomla conferences that happen annually. Since then, her involvement in open source has transformed her life both personally and professionally.

Crystal currently serves as the Joomla Experience Team lead, which helps guide the UX and strategy for the CMS project and community at large. She lives in Athens, Greece with her husband, daughter, and two troublemaking cats.

Sigrid has her own web agency grown to a team of four people over the last 15 years. Together they are passionately building websites with Joomla. Their focus is on websites with advanced requirements like multilanguage, intranets, online-shops, or accessible websites,... Sigrid is an active member in the Joomla community since 2012 and co-organising JoomlaDays in the D-A-CH area and the Joomla User Group in Vienna.

Since 2020 Sigrid is Joomla CMS Release Team lead and supporting the release managers i.e. with a team of testers and a process support for releasing. She lives just outside of Vienna (Austria) with her family including two teenagers and - like her co-speaker Crystal - with two troublemaking cats.