Inner Source Commons Gathering
03-14, 10:00–13:00 (Europe/Berlin), Kantine

InnerSource Commons is partnering with FOSS Backstage to bring you an InnerSource Gathering as a fringe event. It will be held as a 3-hour workshop and comprise of a mix of short presentations and workshops in an unconference-style session.

This is an event aimed at experienced InnerSource practitioners. Be prepared to connect, create and contribute to the global InnerSource community!

Our event goals:
- To connect and network with the world’s foremost InnerSource practitioners and experts
- Build on our existing body of InnerSource knowledge
- Fast-track the creation of new assets and resources for InnerSource Commons.

You get to shape the agenda! Vote for your favourite themes, such as:
- Getting Started with InnerSource
- Scaling your InnerSource practice
- InnerSource Tools & Processes
- InnerSource Community Building
- InnerSource Culture Change
- InnerSource ROI & Convincing Leadership
- InnerSource Metrics & Measurement
- InnerSource Legal & Finance
- InnerSource Program Offices (or InnerSource in OSPOs)
- InnerSource Commons - Building our Community

This event is for experienced practitioners who have hands-on experience with InnerSource and will be held under the usual InnerSource Commons Code of Conduct.