Why isn't the German administration procuring more FOSS?
03-13, 11:35–12:05 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 2

The software procurement by the German administration usually works through the EVB-IT, which are standardized model contracts. These are however not ideally designed for the procurement of FOSS.

A survey by the Open Source Business Alliance among the members of the association revealed typical recurring practical problems with the procurement of Open Source Software by the public administration. In this talk we want to illustrate the reasons for these problems and present ideas how the procurement of Open Source Software can be improved and made easier for all those involved. We combine this with an outlook to the impending changes and developments in public procurement with regard to the public procurement of Open Source Software.

See also: Slides (738.9 KB)

Miriam Seyffarth has been using Open Source Software wherever possible since 2005. She is a member of the Free Software Foundation Europe and was active in the Pirate Party Germany from 2010 to 2014. From 2016 to 2021 she worked as a political advisor and Head of Staff for Member of Parliament Tabea Rößner and attended to various political issues around digitization. Since 2022 she has been Head of Political Communications at the Open Source Business Alliance.