Making Design More Open: A Design Workshop for Non-Designers
03-13, 14:00–15:00 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 2

Open Source Software is typically maintained by small groups of enthusiastic developers with growing involvement from the design community. However, FLOSS is not just developer tools and certainly not limited to ‘linux’ and ‘APIs’ there are huge amounts of FLOSS out there that can benefit from better usability for all users (not just the creator and core maintainers!).
FLOSS is starting to understand how UX/UI/Usability design improves how they do their work, but are struggling to know how to bring designers into an ‘open source’ world where the processes, community and focus has historically been developer lead and we’re here to help with this short, active workshop for non-designers in FLOSS to begin to work with design principles and tasks that help you to embrace and understand what design brings as well as know what to ask for in terms of design for your FLOSS as well as feeling prepared to participate in design for FLOSS.

Django Skorupa is a designer working to create more welcoming environments for designers and non-traditional contributors in the open source community as a whole. You can find him on the Sustain Open Source Design podcast as a recurring panelist, or on twitter, which he's trying to use more often.

ngọc practices design as an intervention to address and reform asymmetrical power relations. As a design researcher at Superbloom (previously known as Simply Secure), ngọc works closely with designers, developers, and funders to ensure accessibility and security for vulnerable communities.