OSPOs: Key Lever for Open Source Sustainability
03-13, 16:05–16:35 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 1

Enabling continuity in executive support, funding, software development practices, and OSS project prioritization. Within organizations, Open Source Program Office’s role can include setting code use, distribution, selection, auditing, and other policies, as well as training developers, ensuring legal compliance, or promoting and building community engagement.

OSPOs bring many benefits to both, the open source ecosystem and organizations in equal parts, yet sometimes, the path to follow is unclear.

During this session, Ana will share a set of actionable tips based on the TODO community learnings that any organization can implement to start building their Minimal Viable OSPOs, as well as ways to overcome the ongoing challenges ( culture, tooling, process, and continuity).

This talk welcomes any open source professional, CTO, or executives willing to catalyze their organization's open source operations and become better citizens in the open source development community.

Ana works as the TODO Group OSPO Program Manager at The Linux Foundation. Based in Europe, Ana advocates for Open Source Program Office adoption and education across organizations worldwide. Formerly at Bitergia, a Software Development Analytics firm.

She also owns an MS in Data Science (URJC University in Madrid, Spain), whose final thesis focused on measuring DevRel’s success within Open Source development communities.

Open Source DevRel & Advocate, Data Scientist, and Software Marketer; Ana usually presents herself as a "hybrid with cross-domain superhero powers" 🦸‍♀️