Community² - A community of Open Source Community Managers
03-14, 12:10–12:20 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 2

Open Source Software runs the world and a myriad of communities are constantly contributing to the foundations of modern technology. A growing number of projects are realizing the importance of a dedicated role to foster a vivid and thriving community: the Community Manager. But what exactly do Community Managers do? What challenges do they face? What are the secrets of leveraging a welcoming environment for contributors? Aiming to find answers to these questions, Community² is a newly launched network of Open Source Community Managers in which we share best practices, discuss strategies and join forces to foster vivid Open Source Communities. Are you ready to improve your skills and build a foundation for future Community Managers? We invite you to join our initiative!

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After achieving her Master’s degree in Business Administration, Ariane joined Cloud&Heat Technologies in July 2021. As a Business Development Manager, she has been part of several projects: one hightlight has been taking on the role as Community Manager for Yaook (Lifecycle Management Tool for OpenStack and SecuStack). Furthermore, she is supporting ALASCA – a newly founded association for open, operational cloud infrastructures to foster digital sovereignty in Germany and Europe. Ariane is also supporting the OSS Community of Gaia-X. Finally, she is part of the initiative Community Square, a new community for Open Source Community Managers for sharing best practices and more.

Interested in Linux and Free Open Source Software for more than 20 years, Jan is currently working on projects in the open cloud community.
Recently he joined forces with people to learn and share practices about community management in the Community Square initiative.