Open Collaboration and our Lizard Brains
03-14, 09:00–09:40 (Europe/Berlin), Stage 1

The principles of open collaboration make absolute sense, but sometimes efforts can be hampered by what seem to be irrational emotional reactions from those we rely on to make collaborations work. We think of ourselves as rational, but very often many of our interactions are driven by primal emotional responses. Drawing on neuro-science and psychology, Clare will take a look at how we can sometimes unintentionally trigger unhelpful emotional responses in our efforts to enable open collaborations. She will examine some of the frameworks that can help us make sense of how our lizard brains overrule our rational brains, and how we can use these same framework to plan for successful open source and InnerSource communities!

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Clare Dillon is the Executive Director of InnerSource Commons, the world's largest community of InnerSource practitioners. Clare also works with the OSPO++ Network to support the establishment of University and Government Open Source Program Offices globally, that can collaborate to implement public policy and trustworthy public services. In 2021, Clare co-founded Open Ireland Network, a community for those interested in advancing open source at a national level in Ireland. Previously, Clare was a member of the Microsoft Ireland Leadership Team, heading up their Developer Evangelism and Experience Group. Clare is a certified coach and also frequently speaks at international conferences and corporate events on topics relating to the open collaboration, future of work, innovation trends and digital ethics.