FOSS Backstage Design

Designers as Multifaceted Contributors
03-06, 15:30–15:50 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

Do you want to grow your open source community? Have you given thoughts to opening your community up and allowing non-code contributors to be a part of it? Then you should be a part for this talk.

There is no limit to what a designer can do in open source, bringing their creative and analytical reasoning to various aspects of an open source project. It is challenging for most projects to accommodate design contributions; either the project does not think about design in their project or there is little to no documentation available on projects for design contributions. And even in cases where there are available design contributors, they are often assigned multiple tasks, which in turn overwhelms them, resulting in silent quitting. In this talk, I will discuss how projects can manage design contributors and also share from my experience on how the larger open source community can help projects onboard and manage creative open source design contributions.

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