FOSS Backstage Design

Building the Holodeck: XR for Designers
03-06, 12:35–12:55 (Europe/Berlin), Main Hall

The promise of everyday use for XR tech is looming and OSS design tools is the best path to an equitable metaverse.

XR is on the verge of breaking through to the mainstream–yet it still feels like this secret club for devs only. Where to start, what is the difference between VR and MR, and what's spacial design? As designers it can be hard to figure out where we fit in, harder to find the tools to get started, and even harder to find tools with a low barrier to entry, aka free.
In my talk resources for entering this realm of design will be shared along with why OSS tools for XR will create a more accessible and equitable web for the next stage in our digital evolution,

See also: Slides (3.2 MB)

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