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Nancy Reyes

Nancy Reyes Flores is a web accessibility evangelist in Latin America and a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competency. She has taken leadership in projects working to make websites and apps accessible.
In 2017 founded Accessibility Lab, an organization specialized in digital accessibility and social inclusion for people with disabilities, promoting a new ecosystem: internet for all.
She has collaborated with the Mexican government and other private sector companies.
She also works with non-profit organizations on behalf of the rights for people with disabilities.
She focuses on perspectives and challenges to accomplish digital inclusion.
Nancy is a member of Digital Accessibility Ambassadors, Mexican Council of Accessibility and Inclusion, and Mexican Society of Accessible Technologies and Universal Design. She is also co-chair for the program category, Human Rights-Centered Design on RightsCon Costa Rica Program Committee.




Web-accessibility for open-source privacy & security tools
Raashi Saxena, Nancy Reyes

Join web accessibility experts share insights on interdisciplinary approaches for inclusive design that enhances the navigation capacity for people with disabilities. We explore disciplines that provide language support, privacy, data protection, security, and safety for the disability community.

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