How to explain your project better ๐Ÿ›ˆ
03-04, 11:35โ€“12:35 (Europe/Berlin), Monday: Workshop Room / Tuesday: Remote Stage

You've spent hours and sleepless nights coding a project that promises to solve someone's problems bigger, better, and faster. But no one understands it or how to use it. This workshop aims to help you communicate your project's intentions more clearly.

Many open-source projects are technically brilliant, with great intentions and approaches, but poorly communicated. Potential users aren't clear on what a project is, what it does, why it might help them, and why they should try it. Even if they get past that initial point of confusion, they will likely find documentation and other resources that are unclear, incomplete or don't work.

All these people a project loses or confuses are potential users, contributors, and community members.

In this workshop, I cover a series of easy-to-follow nuggets of tips and advice to communicate your project better, including:

  • Explaining what you do as an elevator pitch
  • How to decide on consistent terminology
  • How to communicate clearly
  • How to make your communication more confident without losing important details
  • What resources to create and maintain to help with communication
  • And more!

๐Ÿ›ˆ This workshop won't be recorded and participation is only possible onsite.

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