Open Source Excellence: Munich's Journey towards Public Code
03-05, 11:35–12:05 (Europe/Berlin), Stage Auditorium

Following an important decision by the Munich City Council, the publication of all internal software developments has been the standard since 2021. In our presentation, you will find out which success factors, advantages and legal conditions are decisive for this change.

The City of Munich has a long open source history. We have been using open source products and frameworks in both infrastructure and software development since the turn of the millennium.
We reached a new level of our open source development in 2021 when our city council decided that all open source in-house developments would be made publicly available - according to the principle of public money - public code.
With our presentation, we would like to show what the success factors for open source development are, what advantages it has and what legal and organizational requirements we had to create for this.

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Dr. Dirk Gernhardt heads the Competence Center Software Engineering in the IT department of the City of Munich and holds the role of Open Source Representative.
Until 2019, he held the role of Chief IT Architect. Before joining the City of Munich in 2010, he worked as an IT consultant for the automotive industry at Capgemini.

Klaus 'klml' Mueller is Head of the OSPO of the City of Munich, which was founded at the beginning of the year. Before that, he and his team built the Kubernetes Platform, a world in which FOSS is already standard. Klaus has been a stable FOSS enthusiast since Linux kernel 2.6.0.