Success through a thousand emails: Fundraising and outreach
03-05, 16:05–16:35 (Europe/Berlin), Stage Auditorium

How to fund for medium to large goals before you have community buy-in? Tens of thousands of dollars do not drop from the sky and sometimes when you need it most, the "no"s hit harder. We'll cover wins, losses and amazing teams who have won fundraising goals through thousands of small moves.

All of the most successful fundraising campaigns come from three categories: services rendered, shared identity, or urgency; and are driven by thousands of small actions and follow up to create opportunities clarity and collaboration. Getting the right people to care is a beheamoth task. Large corporations that are expected to write a check and fill the gap of a worthwhile initiative don't show up like we expect; why does money never seem to flow to the right place at the right time?

Through this presentation I'll discuss ways grassroots campaigns strike a cord with their audience to get over the fundraising finish line with some common gotchas:
- The audience you thought would care, doesn't.
- Who has the bank account?
- How much is a handshake worth?
- Getting Western donations to African initiatives.
- Reduce the "I'm going to get yelled at" factor when asking corporations for contributions.
- Creating the next wave of financially and fiscally aware in Open Source.

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Dawn (she/her) is the Chair for the PSF, previous Sponsor chair for several DjangoCons, Wagtail Core Team Member, Python Community Advocate at Microsoft and Django software engineer. She lives in Philadelphia, USA with her partner and dogs watching Star Trek and noodling about inclusive tech.