Docs For All: Improving Open Source Accessibility
03-05, 12:10–12:40 (Europe/Berlin), Monday: Workshop Room / Tuesday: Remote Stage

Users first is something the open source world and technical documentation have in common. In this talk, we’ll explore the intersection of inclusivity in technical documentation and how these factors enhance accessibility in open source, which in turn creates sustainable and inclusive communities.

In a world that’s increasingly diverse and championed by technology and development, ensuring that the tools users need serve their diversity is paramount. This is why factors like accessibility, diversity, and inclusion within technical documentation need more amplification.

This session unfolds the pivotal role of crafting technical documentation that speaks to a broad audience, ensuring that open-source projects are not just universally accessible but also resonate with a diverse global user base.
Examine the art of creating comprehensive documentation that caters to various demographics while being accessible by incorporating assistive technologies like screen readers, subtitles, etc.
We navigate through the intricate web of creating documentation that is not just a guide but a gateway to making technology inclusive, ensuring no one is left behind in the use of important technological advancements. Join us as we embark on a journey from understanding to implementing strategies that boost accessibility through technical documentation in the open-source space, fostering a community that is sustainable, inclusive, and universal.

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A Software Engineer and Technical Writer with over four years of experience developing, testing, and maintaining enterprise software applications. Passionate about contributing to open source, improving technical documentation and advocating for gender diversity in open source collaboration.

She has reached and impacted over a thousand African women in Technology and currently runs a technical writing bootcamp - WriteTech - a 4-week Technical writing boot camp aimed at upscaling Technical writing beginners that runs twice a year.

Omotola is a community builder, leading communities at Outreachy and She Code Africa, among others. She is passionate about community, open source, advocacy, diversity, equity, and inclusion.

She founded Elegance Media Agency out of her passion to help organizations, businesses, and individuals leverage the power of their online presence and community. She also empowers people to learn the skills needed to do the same.

Omotola understands how communities work and creates an extraordinarily welcoming and safe environment for community users.