Giacomo Tenaglia

Giacomo Tenaglia is a computer scientist with 25 years of experience of building and running services based on FOSS components. He works at CERN IT department where is currently taking care of configuration management and scientific computing services. Giacomo recently led the initiative to build CERN's Open Source Program Office (OSPO) which is a community driven initiative at CERN to support consistent Open Source practices of software and hardware at CERN.


CERN’s Open Source Program Office
Giacomo Tenaglia

CERN, the physics lab near Geneva, operating the Large Hadron Collider, has a rich history of Open Source contributions and in Open Science. Last year CERN established an innovative Open Source Program Office (OSPO), covering both software and hardware. The OSPO aims to ensure CERN's Open Source projects adhere to best practices, fostering consistency and longevity of Open Source at CERN.

Growing Open Source
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