Tom "spot" Callaway

Tom is a Principal Open Source Strategist for AWS. He has been a part of the open source community since 1997, when he skipped his last day of junior high to go to Linux Expo. During college, he worked for a high-availability startup to cover tuition, and when they crashed along with the majority of the IT sector, he dropped out of college and went to work for Red Hat full-time, where he stayed for almost twenty years.
He’s an active contributor to Fedora and helped to write the Fedora Packaging and Legal Guidelines which are still (mostly) in use today.
He’s spoken at a number of conferences and events including SxSW, OSCON, Open Source Summit, and Red Hat Summit. He has one patent on a crazy idea that never got implemented in the real world, and is co-author of Raspberry Pi Hacks (2013, O’Reilly). When he’s not working, he finds enjoyment in 3D printing, pinball, games (board & video), geocaching, craft beer, LEGO, B-movies, science fiction, trivia, and
traveling. He lives in Cary, NC. Tom is also known as “spot” by many people in the open source universe, he’s gone by that nickname since
the 1st grade, and he happily answers to it.




Embracing your weird: Community Building through Fun & Play
Tom "spot" Callaway

I believe that the community that plays together, stays together. It sounds cliche (and it is), but the first rule of community building is to remember that communities are made of people, not code. Incorporating "intentional fun" into your community engagements can yield some strong rewards.

Governance & Community
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